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The Town Hall Laneway 

2018 (ongoing)

The Town Hall Laneway Sound Art project was a commission in 2018 from the Wollongong City Council to install three pieces into a laneway in central Wollongong, triggered by people entering and moving through the space. It was installed in 2018 and is currently running.


In this work, the laneway is imagined to be listening to the space around it, musically interpreting it, then performing it back into the space. 


1. waiting, crossing, passing

Pedestrians wait at the crossings nearby as traffic passes.


2. echoes of water, but the birds still meet

The town hall fountain flows, echoing the waterhole long gone. The sounds of local birds reach even here in the heart of the city.


3. from soft start, notes linger

Air conditioners hum to their own beats. Notes from the organ’s debut can still be heard.

You can read about the creative process for this work on my blog.

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