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the music box project.

we are
currently raising
money on Australian Cultural Fund to commission & perform
new works.
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the music box project is an ensemble I have been making music and mischief with since 2014. we are a curious collective of composers and performers presenting creative, community driven and collaborative music. 

in 2018, you can find the music box project:

  • sharing 'music outside the usual order of things' on the second saturday of every month, upstairs @ the AYH.

  • taking a week off to make, play, learn whilst residing at Studio:One/Legs On The Wall, Lilyfield 'playshop': collaborating with a bunch of artists, friends, humans, aliens, etc.

  • curating 'project: anonymous': open call for text based scores to be assembled into an (anonymous) anthology to be made freely available via print and online

the music box project is:

elizabeth jigalin (composer/piano/objects), naomi johnson (flutes), jane aubourg (violin/composer), peter leung (soprano/tenor saxophone), joseph lisk (trumpet), joseph franklin (bass guitar/upright bass/composer) and tina stefanou (voice) with an extended family of musicians. 


the music box project humbly began in 2014...founded by elizabeth jigalin, oliver hollenbach and erin hendry.

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