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Something Bowered, Something Blue


Something Bowered, Something Blue is a symbolic work of my time at university developing my creative practice. The Satin Bowerbird is not only a native to the Illawarra area, but can be found in the gardens around the creative arts building at UOW. During my university time I have learnt to collect, curate and create, and in this piece I reuse, recollect and return to these ideas and creations both through physical objects and sound objects.


The idea of return is present in most of my works and is here in multiple forms. Samples from previous works are returned to, many of which also involve loops and delays. There is a live sound element in this work as well - just as the Satin Bowerbird mimics the songs and sounds around it, sounds in the bower are echoed back to participants. Participants are encouraged to make sound as they walk through the bower.

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