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Jane Aubourg 2022 - By Nina Kourea - 38_

Photo by Nina Kourea.

Jane Aubourg (OR-berg) is a composer, violinist and zine maker, working on unceded Dharawal Country (Wollongong). She performs solo and with award-winning new music ensemble The Music Box Project.


She writes music for concert performance, installations and film. Her music centres on loops and textures, drawing influence from minimalism, folk music and improvisations.

Jane also writes a monthly zine called Paper Trails that explores and documents the creative process, giving insight to non-musicians and musicians alike to make exploratory music accessible.

Jane is currently creating music, art and zines for a project called Play Me Mend Me, using a violin-crutch hybrid sculpture of the same name by Wollongong artist Anita Johnson. The project is a musical exploration of the chronic pain that Jane experiences that stems from playing violin. This cross art-form collaboration explores how to continue making music; how to play and how to mend.

Jane is an Associate Artist of the Australian Music Centre.


Jane has written solo albums, for performance, and for installations. Her music focuses on loops, textures, improvisations, and field recordings.

Explore her music: 


Jane plays violin and viola with the music box project, as well as solo on electric violin and loop pedals. Much of her music has her practice as a string player at its heart.

Find out when she's playing:


Jane loves to experiment and make. She has built props, costumes and installations. She is currently making a lot of zines.

Read about her creative process in her monthly zine:

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