Jane is a Dharawal/Wollongong based composer, violinist, and maker. Her performances, compositions and installations often draw from folk, minimalism, and experimental music.


She also writes, plays, and explores with the music box project, who commission and perform music outside the usual order of things.


She finds loops and textures fascinating, enjoys improvising & collaborating with friends, and making things with her hands.


Jane has written solo albums, for performance, and for installations. Her music focuses on loops, textures, improvisations, and field recordings.

You can read about her creative process on her Musician's Log.


Jane plays violin and viola with the music box project, as well as solo on electric violin and loop pedals. Much of her music has her practice as a string player at its heart.

You can find out when she's playing next here.


Jane loves to experiment and make. She has built props, costumes and installations

You can explore more of her projects here.