The Grotto (2017)

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

The Grotto was an interactive multichannel installation that was created as part of the Yours & Owls Wollongong Fringe Festival and installed on the UOW Innovation campus for 4 days in September 2017. It was a collaboration with Wollongong based artists Jasmine Ryan and Maya Saunders.

It featured lights in suspended lampshades that respond to changes in the soundscape, and sounds of water dripping that played through 8 speakers concealed in clusters of kitchen pots and pans in response to changes in light. This work aimed to evoke a sense of discovery and curiosity about the complex, emerging rhythms and patterns that are formed by the simple feedback loops between light and sound. At another level, the installation sought to provide a space for a meditative appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of this interplay.

The Grotto was developed from an earlier work (made with Jasmine Ryan, Maya Saunders, Kayla Forsyth, and Maddie Burkitt) called The Island, which was significantly scaled up and reworked to fit the brief of the Wollongong Fringe Festival of creating an art installation on the Innovation Campus that would encourage a broader community engagement with the space.